Utah Trip for New Years! (Craziest Weekend of my Life)

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Getting Trampled By a Horse! (Craziest Weekend of my Life)
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  1. Tanner Fox
    Tanner Fox
    преди месец

    2021 boutta go insanneeeeee

    1. Martin Loui
      Martin Loui
      преди месец


    2. ThatOne2stepHatch
      преди месец

      Lmao yeah insane let’s start it off but scaring some donkeys😎😎😎😎😃

    3. Diego Viego
      Diego Viego
      преди месец

      Diego video wisn yande

    4. Kiana Wood
      Kiana Wood
      преди месец

      I hope so

    5. brin carroll
      brin carroll
      преди месец

      im dead thats my old car hahahahha

  2. Amber Dawn
    Amber Dawn
    преди 8 дни

    Tanner is 21??!!! Omg I feel so old!

  3. Crazy Squad
    Crazy Squad
    преди 8 дни


  4. H Wallach
    H Wallach
    преди 9 дни

    fuge you guys that horse is problebly tramatized

  5. H Wallach
    H Wallach
    преди 9 дни

    also you guys are to heavy for the donkeys

  6. H Wallach
    H Wallach
    преди 9 дни

    look i have a donkey and you should not ride them because it is animal abuse and they can fuge you up

  7. Nathan Deleon
    Nathan Deleon
    преди 11 дни

    first the animals, covid, then the blue lives matter flag... yikes 😐

  8. Fishing Cali
    Fishing Cali
    преди 20 дни

    Don’t go that fast on the street with the razor because a friend of mine snapped his arm on because he did a donut in it and rolled it

  9. Annbell Edmond
    Annbell Edmond
    преди 20 дни

    So fucked up for chasing animals and jumping on them and pushing them. That’s so cruel... Karma comes around goes around 🔄 Hope reality gets handed to you 🖕🏻 You’ll get unlucky and one day mess with the wrong person or thing. 🤣

  10. David Lecona
    David Lecona
    преди 21 ден

    0:00 - 0:30 name?

  11. Alex Whybrow
    Alex Whybrow
    преди 27 дни

    This is fucked. Animal abuse isn't entertainment

  12. Seth Lebow
    Seth Lebow
    преди 27 дни

    “I’m surrounded by ass!” Tanner: “for the very first time” lmaooo

  13. Jase Coleman
    Jase Coleman
    преди 27 дни

    Idgf what anyone in these comments say this video was lit and tanners enjoying his life yall the reason he gets payed 😂 this video was fire

  14. Nadia Zia
    Nadia Zia
    преди месец

    You abuser so rude to animals why do you do stupid things

  15. Martin Loui
    Martin Loui
    преди месец

    Wat is the name of STEELE11 song

  16. ArchAngel
    преди месец


  17. Drew Sob
    Drew Sob
    преди месец

    I usually like your vids but how you treated those animals was messed up

    1. ArchAngel
      преди месец


  18. Allishicia Smith
    Allishicia Smith
    преди месец

    Lets go donkey is gone

  19. collette chavez
    collette chavez
    преди месец

    Ever video I find motivation

  20. Ili Nadia
    Ili Nadia
    преди месец

    Tanner can you make moree video with rug

  21. KingPandaSnipes
    преди месец

    Called Danny Duncan a nerd

  22. The Life Of Androo Joseff
    The Life Of Androo Joseff
    преди месец


  23. Bad Advice
    Bad Advice
    преди месец

    yea dude....your so cool.....I guess covid doesn't exist in Utah....Real great work kid..

  24. Dulce Gonzalez
    Dulce Gonzalez
    преди месец

    Okay but let’s not forget there’s a pandemic

  25. MitsuGarage
    преди месец

    I’ve hit the rock several times haha. I used to do this at the River as a kid.

  26. Aces Xnation
    Aces Xnation
    преди месец

    yeahhh liked the video but hated how you guys treated the donkeys

  27. Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez
    преди месец

    Song name at 12:23

  28. Whitney Morris
    Whitney Morris
    преди месец

    Let’s talk about that party...what happened to Covid?? Apparently it doesn’t exist anymore...

  29. Jon Anthony
    Jon Anthony
    преди месец


  30. Tito’s Clips
    Tito’s Clips
    преди месец

    Crazy how you didn’t even give Shane a shout out or nothing

  31. Niners Baby
    Niners Baby
    преди месец

    LOOKS FUN besides the animals being scared, not cool 👊🏽 but damn is the pandemic over 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️ #MASK😷

  32. Candice Randklev
    Candice Randklev
    преди месец

    Lol what’s COVID right? It’s not like we are in a pandemic or anything. And the fact that you even got COVID and ur still parting. Says a lot

  33. Kaylin Teeple
    Kaylin Teeple
    преди месец

    Tanner Fox x Danny Duncan???????

  34. maría ugarte
    maría ugarte
    преди месец


  35. Mike Dee
    Mike Dee
    преди месец

    What is the Intro song called?

  36. ThatOne2stepHatch
    преди месец

    I hope god forgives you all🙂

  37. ThatOne2stepHatch
    преди месец

    I thought no one in the comments would give a shit about the animals but I like that you guys have feelings for them too😓😓

  38. ThatOne2stepHatch
    преди месец

    Bruh this blog was kinda shit no cap

  39. roguekiller
    преди месец

    The looks like Washington ut

  40. Emma Herrick
    Emma Herrick
    преди месец

    no regard for animal safety or covid...

  41. Makayla Grant
    Makayla Grant
    преди месец

    Wtf is up with the horse, you dont pull on there mouth like that you idiot.

  42. Mmihle Mabuza
    Mmihle Mabuza
    преди месец

    Did anyone else hear tanner when he said. Tanner:we're on mars right now. Also Tanner:gettin some moon sand

    преди месец

    3:08 what hub

  44. BaseballKiD4D4
    преди месец

    Love how everyone in the comments became a vet overnight

  45. Homies Adventures
    Homies Adventures
    преди месец

    Be better with animals bud y’all grown

  46. Peter Shabibi
    Peter Shabibi
    преди месец

    What's your intro song

  47. Ethan Peden
    Ethan Peden
    преди месец

    Ur friends are some punk bitches. Fuckin w a dude whose workin while they're being fucktards, and being cruel to animals.

  48. Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen
    преди месец

    song at 4:05???

  49. Layla Neiser
    Layla Neiser
    преди месец

    i feel bad for that horse horse abuse

  50. prandee
    преди месец


  51. Jason Krebs
    Jason Krebs
    преди месец

    Your falling off hard

  52. peejuicer
    преди месец

    what 347 aidan song is that?

  53. Sunflower shine
    Sunflower shine
    преди месец

    I'm unsubscribing because of the dumb shit he did with the donkeys and horse. It was not right.

  54. Mishari Hamad
    Mishari Hamad
    преди месец

    partying while we are still in a pandemic i swear people will never learn untill someone close to them dies from it covid is not A JOKE

  55. Noah Markunas
    Noah Markunas
    преди месец

    "Getting Trampled By a Horse!"..... Good. The disrespect shown to an animal that has a kick so powerful that it could kill a person is ridiculous.

  56. Ncfish Hub
    Ncfish Hub
    преди месец

    This is probably one of your top 3 videos I’ve watched. Keep making content like this

    1. Jessica Boughton
      Jessica Boughton
      преди месец

      What publicly hurting animals. They jumped on to the donkeys who clearly haven’t been ridden before, (can tell by their back) and then pulling on the riens of the horse, and pressing in with their knees which btw confused the horse and put it in a state of panic which obviously threw the d**khead off and it’s his own fault anyway. And before you start anything g I own two horses and can tell you that the way they treated that horse is unacceptable and inhuman. Blaming the horse for THEIR wrong doing. So yeah “keep up the good content” and by that you mean abuse the animals and then blame them because they got thrown off. They should of had lesson plus they way everyone was around the horse spooked it even more They listen through body language and can sense your emotions. Sooooo yeah they need to think about what they are doing because what they did was stupid reckless and could of seriously hurt the horse as well

  57. Boomer
    преди месец

    Tanner really did go to my skate park next to fiesta fun!

  58. Miranda Sibley
    Miranda Sibley
    преди месец

    Not only were you stressing the f out of those donkeys but wtf there is a pandemic like wtf are you doing partying not wearing a mask and staying with people be responsible you have a lot of people following what you do think about it like your killing people right now like common your 21 years old grow up and take responsibility

  59. Diego Viego
    Diego Viego
    преди месец

    Diego video wisn yande

  60. BLV Shotzz
    BLV Shotzz
    преди месец

    Nobody watches his videos anymore don’t know why I still love his vids

  61. Keanu Stapelberg
    Keanu Stapelberg
    преди месец

    Love the new content

  62. Kenneth Caballero
    Kenneth Caballero
    преди месец


  63. Preston Nelsonn
    Preston Nelsonn
    преди месец

    yall a bunch of sensitive little fucks in the comments

  64. Dylan Doucette
    Dylan Doucette
    преди месец

    What happend to covid tf

  65. Ashley Krauss
    Ashley Krauss
    преди месец

    I have been trying to figure out the song that plays at 12:18 the entire night into early morning..............

  66. Sarah Dorfer
    Sarah Dorfer
    преди месец

    that is disgusting how you guys treated those animals i thought better of you tanner :(

  67. Joshgraal_
    преди месец

    animal abuse

  68. JesusCODM
    преди месец

    12:22 Ouu that's HOT!!!

  69. Matthew Persaud
    Matthew Persaud
    преди месец

    More bid with strad

  70. Ogkush 253
    Ogkush 253
    преди месец

    Tanner get a cut G your long hair is making you brake out bro also wash your face g cuz your acne be making it look like you got herpes cuz you always have pimples on your mouth or stop touching your face so much thats one of the main reasons for acne. also be your self my dude cuz everytime you try to be cool you come off as them kids with the monster energy hats to the left cursing and laughing on Xbox live lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 y'all know which meme im talking bout its like some white kid throwing up west side with a monster energy hat tilted to the side lol I'm dead just stop y'all bring super reckless destroying that green car is not cool at all its just the apidemy of white kids with money destroying a car that was once working that y'all could of let someone that really needed a car have but instead y'all destroyed it also stop being a little virgin brotha

  71. Salem Mubarak H A Al-Marri
    Salem Mubarak H A Al-Marri
    преди месец

    Dude this channel is lit

  72. ahmed volg
    ahmed volg
    преди месец

    I used to love you not anymore you guys hurting the donkey

  73. Charles Donnell
    Charles Donnell
    преди месец

    So now i hope everybody realizes how much of a bad person tanner is!

  74. michael quinlan
    michael quinlan
    преди месец

    Dude having a party that big... I’m sure some got covid.

  75. ND's Channel
    ND's Channel
    преди месец

    I love you tanner but you don't even care about COVID-19

  76. Mason Weitala
    Mason Weitala
    преди месец

    21 year old Tanner is beyond dope content, but we in a pandemic lol come on.

  77. hudson heassler
    hudson heassler
    преди месец

    what’s the song called when you were riding in the moon sand in those car things?

  78. Cody Carr
    Cody Carr
    преди месец

    That shit was lit tanner!

  79. Lewis Bell
    Lewis Bell
    преди месец

    Party in garage reminds me of nelk boys videos

  80. Vegard Bolstad
    Vegard Bolstad
    преди месец

    looks a bit like a norwegian first time out drinking 15 years old.the video is fun to watch, but motorized vehicles and alcohol, what? think with your ass !? seriously dangerous, shown you like your friends do not do this, who gets the blame if this car kills a drunk girl on a motorcycle. not meant as hate but open your eyes a little😊👍🏻

  81. Conceitedelijah
    преди месец

    he said rizzy is going to get deported 😭

  82. Steven Cooper
    Steven Cooper
    преди месец

    I saw the golden coral and the hotel that is in my city I live in

  83. Klair Colles
    Klair Colles
    преди месец

    Every barrel racer watching this rn is probably like wtf when tanners friend got on that palomino

  84. Tucker Wright
    Tucker Wright
    преди месец

    So ig he’s like Danny Duncan now😐

  85. sara Enevo!dzen
    sara Enevo!dzen
    преди месец

    Do you still have the sign from your crash

  86. Allan Allan
    Allan Allan
    преди месец

    I hope for the sake of it. that you have set aside for your pension. Because this no longer lives until you are 55! You need $ 500,000 dollars that you are used to. How do you finance this when you are 55+?

    1. Allan Allan
      Allan Allan
      преди месец

      Do not think he understands that his fame ends. Live here and now. But are we getting older? Hope you have set aside a lot of money, so you can live as you did when you were 20-45.

  87. Jacob Aman
    Jacob Aman
    преди месец

    Yo Tanner what’s happening with that Lamborghini Widebody ?

  88. Allan Allan
    Allan Allan
    преди месец

    I hope for the sake of it. that you have set aside for your pension. Because this no longer lives until you are 55!

  89. Porter Cole
    Porter Cole
    преди месец

    kind of just a wanna be danny and nelk vid

  90. sopeng vlog
    sopeng vlog
    преди месец

    Ung sinsayang lng nila lht yan kng binigay nila sa mherap napa kinabangan pa

  91. Tristin Benson
    Tristin Benson
    преди месец

    tanner where the lambo at

  92. Burnzy Boy
    Burnzy Boy
    преди месец

    Think u pulled a Logan Paul 2018 move with the donkeys man.

  93. Marte Hennig
    Marte Hennig
    преди месец

    You guys can't scream that loud near the animals :( .....

  94. LoveYouMilo
    преди месец

    Queue Raleigh Link

  95. Carter Servais
    Carter Servais
    преди месец

    Do Another Day in the life updated version.

  96. Dew Mx42
    Dew Mx42
    преди месец

    Tanner your the best BGvideor I love your vids there fire keep it up

  97. goat fam
    goat fam
    преди месец

    i got the teddy fox tee shirt

    преди месец

    Treat horses better please

  99. BodyBuildingPolish
    преди месец


  100. It’sLilG 999
    It’sLilG 999
    преди месец

    I like how he admits that he’s been doing reckless shit all day.