Exploring The #1 Ski Resort In the USA! *dangerous* (Shaun White Messaged Me)

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Traveling to Most Famous Mountain In the USA! (Shaun White Messaged Me)
Traveling to Most Famous Ski Resort In the USA! (Shaun White Messaged Me)
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  1. Hershey’s 007
    Hershey’s 007
    преди месец

    Why is Tanner getting less likes than other BGvideo’s even tho his content is better than the most 💯🙌

    1. Jason Ballard
      Jason Ballard
      преди месец

      His content is boring and so predictable. It’s not original.

    2. Ollie Small
      Ollie Small
      преди месец

      Cos he’s gay

    3. charles smith
      charles smith
      преди месец

      @705 RIPPERS iooi

  2. Luis Antonio
    Luis Antonio
    преди 8 часа

    10:03 oh get fuckin shit on🤣🙌🏽

  3. Paul Tindall
    Paul Tindall
    преди ден

    Copper is fun! #1 resort in America though?

  4. Airsoft Cheeko
    Airsoft Cheeko
    преди 8 дни

    Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926

  5. Johnathan Buckhouse
    Johnathan Buckhouse
    преди 9 дни

    Dude next time hit me up! I film snowboarding for a living and would film you for the day! I live in copper too 🤘🏼

  6. Nolan Weisbrod
    Nolan Weisbrod
    преди 9 дни

    Tanner fox has the best content on BGvideo

    1. Nolan Weisbrod
      Nolan Weisbrod
      преди 9 дни

      Yes he does

  7. Too Fried
    Too Fried
    преди 17 дни

    Those kids are posers

  8. Jen Medina
    Jen Medina
    преди 20 дни

    My son wishes to be a youtuber, hope he would be like tanner someday lol

  9. issy_busy
    преди 21 ден

    If enyone is seeing this, stay safe and stay healthy.

  10. Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas
    преди 23 дни


  11. Maddie Jacobson
    Maddie Jacobson
    преди 25 дни


  12. ScoobyDoo
    преди 25 дни

    The funny part is that I know exactly where he is every where he filmed and I saw him at the mountain

  13. Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones
    преди 28 дни

    I live very close to copper and it isn't the "#1 ski resort in the USA" at all. Lol

  14. Christine Mccurley
    Christine Mccurley
    преди 28 дни

    You lost without a stick to hold on to

  15. DJ NJAAY
    преди 29 дни

    Man I was keen to see a vid with Shaun !

  16. Skewbs And Cubes
    Skewbs And Cubes
    преди месец

    Jayyyyyyy I’ve missed him for so long!!! Make more vids with him plsss

  17. Floppy Cow422
    Floppy Cow422
    преди месец

    “The #1 Ski Resort In The USA!” This mans so high

  18. Tandaman
    преди месец

    Ayo what’s that song at 9:00

  19. Andrew Strawn
    Andrew Strawn
    преди месец

    yo wish i knew ahead of time that you guys were in colorado thats dope

  20. Ian Mitchell
    Ian Mitchell
    преди месец

    We're you at pikes peak?

  21. Camden Burke
    Camden Burke
    преди месец

    I can assure you Copper is not the #1 ski resort in the USA

  22. lance Mumford
    lance Mumford
    преди месец

    I go to school with the shit talkers

  23. Khyrene
    преди месец

    that kid was hella embarrassed HAHHHAA

  24. Khyrene
    преди месец

    I really how tanner's accent bro

  25. Chandler
    преди месец

    You look awkward af riding lmao

  26. Tyler Ledsome
    Tyler Ledsome
    преди месец

    Yooooooo, my son this is my placccceeeee!!! I worked at copper for a year in the barn doing the scooter coaching for the kids and that is literally my tramp scooter! What i used to train kids how to do tricks... so sick to see you show up there g!

  27. ProPopil
    преди месец

    This is such a clickbait title

  28. harrison smith
    harrison smith
    преди месец

    Copper mountain nice

  29. The No No Schlosser
    The No No Schlosser
    преди месец


  30. Chase Tonnon
    Chase Tonnon
    преди месец

    henrik harlaut at 3:28!!!

  31. Maya Husejnovic
    Maya Husejnovic
    преди месец

    ur vid are gettin lame af stupid! not hating i been fan for 4 years now ur vid lame af

  32. Sam Jimmer
    Sam Jimmer
    преди месец

    Yo tanner lets go shred some time in CO

  33. Nik
    преди месец

    I for some reason thought he would be naturally really good at snowboarding too haha good to know he's human

  34. Outdoors Explained
    Outdoors Explained
    преди месец

    Why can't you go somewhere else. Colorado is already so freaking busy because of you out of staters...

  35. Uptown Jester
    Uptown Jester
    преди месец

    I was there no I missed you

  36. Drew Maltos
    Drew Maltos
    преди месец

    Tanner you’re probably not gonna see this but you should try mount baker it’s a super good mountain in Washington

  37. Caleb Maendel
    Caleb Maendel
    преди месец

    1:58 that car is not all wheel drive... I've worked on dozens of cars like that

  38. TSM Artix
    TSM Artix
    преди месец

    Why tanner be dripping tho

  39. Matthew Melnyk
    Matthew Melnyk
    преди месец

    Check out Matthew melnyk

  40. Sandra Tollefsen
    Sandra Tollefsen
    преди месец

    You are awesome👍 and you are amazing

  41. Ryan McInarnay
    Ryan McInarnay
    преди месец

    What's so dangerous... looked like some regular boarding, didn't even hit the tree runs

  42. BodhiS16 _
    BodhiS16 _
    преди месец

    Yo where is Kiki I haven’t seen her in ahes

  43. Adam Danks
    Adam Danks
    преди месец

    Since when is Copper the #1 ski resort in the US lol

  44. Savage King
    Savage King
    преди месец

    Love the snowboarding vids.. I've always wanted to go especially after watching you go a few times now makes it look even more fun.

  45. aj geeslin
    aj geeslin
    преди месец

    My brother was in copper that day and he saw you

  46. PROSPEROUS 4 life
    PROSPEROUS 4 life
    преди месец

    Keep the vids coming and I just got ur mec

  47. Dylan Martinez
    Dylan Martinez
    преди месец

    My mom was there at the same time

  48. Brotalian Can
    Brotalian Can
    преди месец

    Hey Tanner why am I no longer receiving notifications from you? I have post nots on...

  49. Ben Dover
    Ben Dover
    преди месец

    All I seen were shitty front 2s

  50. jackson linn
    jackson linn
    преди месец

    Tanner you went to woodward copper. Breck has got you beat in the #1 ski resort. I feel like you put no thought into the title. I went there its cool, but Breck is more famous.

  51. Asher Silberman
    Asher Silberman
    преди месец

    bro you should of gone to vail ten times better than copper but i love you vids!

  52. Zach Dawson
    Zach Dawson
    преди месец

    Didn’t think I’d ever watch a tanner fox video again but since I snowboard it popped up on my recommended. Made me think about when I was in middle school and watched him hella when I rode 🛴

  53. ZeroAspect
    преди месец

    Yo Tanner what kind of helmet you use

  54. Nicolas Sullens
    Nicolas Sullens
    преди месец

    The paltry base geographically tremble because professor analogously wonder an a purple suede. muddled, wrathful archeology

  55. D Ned
    D Ned
    преди месец

    Whatta vibe of a Vlog when tanner goes Snowboarding i love it

  56. Anthony Bohr
    Anthony Bohr
    преди месец

    Crazy how he still asked for photo isn’t it enough he already embarrassed himself on the vid

  57. EAW Gorski
    EAW Gorski
    преди месец

    i like how the title says “dangerous” as i go to this resort every other weekend

  58. Tanner Prinsloo
    Tanner Prinsloo
    преди месец

    Too that song was heaattt

  59. Reed V
    Reed V
    преди месец

    Bruh there like older than u Jesse is 15 keon is 15 gage 15 Wiley 16

  60. Mack Winterberger
    Mack Winterberger
    преди месец

    Why he saying Cali so bad Tahoe has some of the best ski resorts in the country

  61. Ben Zintak
    Ben Zintak
    преди месец


  62. jxhn schuessler
    jxhn schuessler
    преди месец

    Use SW for click bait !

  63. bobby sypher
    bobby sypher
    преди месец

    what is the song at 9:10?

  64. Suzaku
    преди месец

    You ride goofy dang and i have the same crab grab gloves

  65. Shelby Evans
    Shelby Evans
    преди месец

    Bruh those kids were fake lmao Tanner is a real one

  66. Evan Cunningham
    Evan Cunningham
    преди месец

    Funny how I watch this after I sent it to hard on my board and broke my collar bone and dislocated my shoulder

  67. Ryanmiareignjoy Lopez
    Ryanmiareignjoy Lopez
    преди месец

    Tanner fox is starting to become a dushe

  68. Will Fisher
    Will Fisher
    преди месец

    War eagle he Shaun white was the Qb at auburn

  69. Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins
    преди месец

    What Mr. White didn't hit you back to meet up the next day? 😕 He probably realized he was talking to a scooter boy laughed and said "naw naw naw naw, naw naw naw naw, hey hey hey, goodbye ."

  70. Noel Ramirez
    Noel Ramirez
    преди месец

    Idk if it’s just me but ever since tanner started 💨 he’s been droppin fire ass videos 🤣🤣

  71. AllTIZZLE 42
    AllTIZZLE 42
    преди месец

    Tanner I go to Copper all the time, and I could show u the roots and good trails if you ever go back lol.

  72. Noah Kisner
    Noah Kisner
    преди месец

    Bro i have the same bindings. They freakin rock

  73. SlimzTheGoat
    преди месец

    Watch tanner turn coconut mald into merch hahaha

  74. Clay Kynell
    Clay Kynell
    преди месец

    Can we go back to Old tanner fox please

  75. jgjcjd
    преди месец

    cuz I am cool right 13 yr old. Plz man, sit your horse teeth down little boi

  76. _Kaitzu
    преди месец

    Lmao ever since tanner got 10mil subs his been stuck at 10.4m subs

  77. Urbanmyth02
    преди месец

    Dude U inspire me like no joke

  78. That_one_dude_300c
    преди месец

    Shawn white vlog?!

  79. Diego Granados
    Diego Granados
    преди месец

    Tanner high asf eating his tots lmao

  80. NOrtolano
    преди месец

    BET those kids wont be 1/2 as successful! way to stay humble n put them in place, just some spoiled ass kids used to getting everything handed out to them...like a trip to Woodward to sit on the sides n talk shit

  81. Kieley Curtis
    Kieley Curtis
    преди месец

    Bet video, I wanna goto that resort once. Also Tanner I have AS HE and I see you have it too, does it ever get better? I emailed you btw about that.

  82. Arran Flam
    Arran Flam
    преди месец

    Bruh those kids that you saw are from my town.

  83. iicee_t Icy
    iicee_t Icy
    преди месец

    I got a golf r and they’re amazing in the snow

  84. Emmanuel Ricketts
    Emmanuel Ricketts
    преди месец

    Hey just got a Tfox scooter for my bday love it it’s great

  85. Luke Bivins
    Luke Bivins
    преди месец

    Snowboarding is to fun for no reason if you haven’t tried it I suggest you try it

  86. Diamond Panda
    Diamond Panda
    преди месец

    Bruh I was going to go skiing the day you where on the slopes but i had school rip

    преди месец

    Public in middle of pendemic tanner fox gos sking

  88. Jacob Shearer
    Jacob Shearer
    преди месец

    How this kid got 10million subscribers. 1k comments and 350k views after 3 days

  89. Sonofa Bleep
    Sonofa Bleep
    преди месец

    What’s the outro song??

  90. Christian Zavala
    Christian Zavala
    преди месец

    Why do people hate scootering?? I ride bmx bikes and LOVE scootering.

  91. Wade Massey
    Wade Massey
    преди месец

    Yooooo if ur disrespecting tanner (aka best BGvideor) for the sport he loves to do then screw off

  92. Lit kid Vlogs
    Lit kid Vlogs
    преди месец

    How Shane by the way

  93. Jacob Ostapchuk
    Jacob Ostapchuk
    преди месец

    I wouldn’t really say copper mountain is the #1 resort in America but to each their own

  94. Slips Slips
    Slips Slips
    преди месец

    Yeah that’s copper man I’ve been there so many times

  95. Slips Slips
    Slips Slips
    преди месец

    Dude I just went there dude

  96. Slips Slips
    Slips Slips
    преди месец

    I just went snowboarding in Colorado did you go to copper Mountain

  97. Chance Ferguson
    Chance Ferguson
    преди месец

    for everyone wondering where he skied at it was copper mountain

  98. Jason Mendoza
    Jason Mendoza
    преди месец

    Mann! This vid is such a guilty pleasure! So excited to go snowboarding this weekend!

  99. Jake White
    Jake White
    преди месец

    I work at woodward, def not the #1 ski resort in the US lol

  100. Zach Trott
    Zach Trott
    преди месец

    it’s like that